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"The paradise of Gaming Photographers!"
"This has potential!"
"I was looking for something like GameSnaps!"
"A new way to share your content and inspire people!"
"I like GameSnaps!"


Upload an unlimited amount of your best Gaming Screenshots!


Make yourself a reputation as a renowned Gaming Screenshotter !


Enjoy Screenshots
in a community of Screenshot Lovers, Gamers and Gaming Artists !


Discover the best Gaming Screenshotters of the World Wide Web !
Curate GameSnaps' content by giving HP !
Get unlimited access to all Screenshots !


Hide HUD (Steam) Art Time (Steam) Gaijin Entertainment (Game Dev & Publisher) Digital Art (Steam) A&S Enthusiast (Steam)

Kaer Morhen Finest (Steam) Screenshot Lovers (Steam) Ardent Esports (Website) Squad Up (Discord) World of Tanks (Discord)

Have a wonderful day,

Creator of GameSnaps

20th September 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Fixed bugs.
2) Increased 10 comments/answers per day limit to 30.
3) Gaijin Entertainment added to Partners Section.

19th September 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Fixed bug where certain characters would show as their HTML entities.

18th September 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Reduced password requirement to 8 characters.
2) Added "Fun" and "Achievements" sections.
3) Removed 10 min time limit between uploads.
4) Added Discord link.

27th August 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Added Sharing Overlay when viewing own Screenshots.

22nd August 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Fixed bug where .jpeg images would not display.
2) Added Image Resolution information for Screenshots.

21st August 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Added message when a Downvote is cast.

18th August 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Fixed bug where files uploaded with uppercase extensions would not show.
2) Fixed arrow positioning on profile page.
3) Changed upvote and downvote icons. Also added animations to them.
4) Fixed alignment issues on details view.
5) In-Game Location can now be speicifed when uploading a Screenshot.

17th August 2017: Changelog (Beta)

1) Added "As Seen On" section to Homepage.
2) Changed About section background for "Sign Up" section.
3) Fixed a few bugs, including inability to delete certain screenshots that were uploaded before a certain Update.
4) Made quotes fadein animation in About section faster.
5) Fixed bug where "&" would get replaced by "& amp;".

8th August 2017: Changelog 0.9.7 (Beta)

1) Domain name change from to
2) Made Rank names more closely related to Gaming Photography.
3) Added announcements section to homepage.

28th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.6 (Beta)

1) Optimised loading speed of images by a factor between x10 and x100.
2) Changed Login page background color to sky blue.
3) Added clear indication of time limit for number of uploads.
4) Added loading animation to upload process.
5) Changed Name of Website from ShareGamingHub to GameSnaps.
6) Changed Website Logo.
7) Removed Amazon Affiliate links.
8) Removed cumbersome footer from profile page.
9) Images can now be opened with their extension included.
10) Added "Media" section where all articles/news about GameSnaps (anciently ShareGamingHub) are shown.

17th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.5 (Beta)

1) Added steam group.
2) Added "Screenshot Lovers" to Partners section.
3) Fixed bug where next page in profile would not load.

16th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.4 (Beta)

1) Added dragon animation to Sign Up and Login pages.
2) Added twitter account.
3) Added facebook page.

13th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.3 (Beta)

1) Fixed bug where Facebook login would fail.
2) Added Press Kit.

12th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.2 (Beta)

1) Added "Artwork & Screenshot enthusiast" to Partners section.

11th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.1 (Beta)

1) Fixed bug where you could not edit your profile.

10th July 2017: Changelog 0.9.0 (Beta)

1) You are now able to click on image in profile page.
2) Fixed bug edit Profile.
3) Reworked Details view.
4) Made all mobile-friendly.
5) Reworked comments appearance.
6) Corrected bug of pagination in profile view.

5th July 2017: Changelog 0.8.0 (Beta)

1) Reworked home page using Geon's design.
2) Reworked nav bar using Geon's design.
3) Fixed bug where Top section would "skip" a few screenshots.

3rd July 2017: Changelog 0.7.1 (Beta)

1) Added legend under scroll icons.
2) Added name of partners.
3) Fixed bug where uploads would fail.
4) Fixed bug where deletes would fail.

2nd July 2017: Changelog 0.7.0 (Beta)

1) Reworked main layout of scroll pages (masonry layout). Looks much better.
2) Improved loading performance of all pages.
3) Improved scrolling experience and performance.
4) Backend Changes.
5) Devops Changes.
6) Added "Art-Time" to Partners page.

29th June 2017: Changelog 0.6.0 (Beta)

1) Reworked Sign Up.
2) Reworked Login.
3) Added Facebook Login.
4) Added Steam Login.
5) Reworked general appearance.

25th June 2017: Changelog 0.5.1 (Beta)

1) Hot patch fixing edit profile bug where your changes would not be saved.
2) Added Partners Page.
3) Hot patch fixing referral system bug where entering referralID without checking for an extra space would make it useless.
4) Game name max length extended to 50 characters.
5) Fixed bug where clicking on a user icon in comments would not take you to his/her profile.

23rd June 2017: Changelog 0.5.0 (Beta)

1) Details view of screenshot should now display screenshot in larger size depending on screen.
2) Home screen layout being broken has been definitely fixed.
3) Screenshots being in the way of the referral ID info box is no longer an issue.
4) First quote now shows "The Valhalla of Gaming Photographers".
5) Implemented bad word filter on all inputs.
6) Implemented a form of url check for steam, twitter and facebook account linking.
7) Comments no longer show the profile pic but the website logo to remind each user he/she represents the community.
8) Made sure vertical aspect ratio pics do not show too wide on big screens to prevent pixels from appearing.
9) Optimisation of scrolling.
10) Game tag is now required on every upload.
11) Monetisation has been written off the list of future features for now because of legal considerations and regulations.
12) You are now required to check a the "I accept the TOS" checkbox when creating an account.
13) Added community section in about section.
14) Implemented pagination for profile pics so you can keep uploading as many as you want.
15) Fixed bug where your HP would get down when uploading a new pic.
16) Each detail page of a screenshot now shows an amazon affiliate link to buy the game the screenshot was taken in. This directly supports GamingHub and the Game Devs.
17) A LOT of backend and devops changes to improve the stability and the security of GamingHub. That's the main reason this upadte is pusing GamingHub into Beta.
18) Walked dog.
19) Ate ice cream.
20) Very happy ^^

15th June 2017: Changelog 0.2.1 (Alpha)

1) You can now edit your profil twice a day without wait time between the 2 edits.
2) You can now add a small descriptive sentence to your profile.
3) The color of the logo on the nav has been changed to silver to better match the nav title.
4) When you submit a comment or a reply, a cool animated loading dragon icon should now appear while the comment/reply is getting written to the database.
5) "dfksjflsakdjfé“ should now no longer appear as the placholder text for your reply.

14th June 2017: Changelog 0.2.0 (Alpha)

Important Milestone. Getting closer to Beta. 1) Added comments functionality.
2) You can also reply to comments.
3) The author of the comment gets notified of your reply by email.
4) The artist gets notified of your comment on his Art.
5) The artist can delete any comment or reply that is on his Art details page.
6) Anti-spam limit: max 10 comments/replies per user per day.
7) Changed background images for Upload and EditProfile.
8) Images should now always take the full height of the available space on the index scrolling pages.
9) Profile settings should now be pre-loaed in the EditProfile form each time you want to make a change.
10) Fixed game tag displaying wrong on certain screen sizes.
11) Fixed bug where homepage's layout would be broken on certain screen sizes and browsers.
12) Users now need to be logged in to get access to the screenshots tab.
13) Fixed Discover button of home page displaying wrong on mobile screens.
14) Backend improvements.
15) DevOps improvements.
16) GamingHub now has a new Logo!

10th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.9 (Alpha)

1) Fixed bug where users could upvote their own submission.
2) Removed recapthcas from editProfile and Upload to improve UX.
3) Improved zoom when clicking on image. Displays different zoom depending on image and screen size.
4) Started working on custom comments system. Disqus removed.

9th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.8 (Alpha)

1) Reworked Profile page. Now looks much better.
2) Reworked Sign Up section of About page, now looks much better.
3) Changed background of Signup page and Feedback page.
4) Cooldown for editing profile reduced to once every 24 hours.

8th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.7 (Alpha)

1) Fixed bug where mobile nav would not work (clicking/tapping would not show the menu).
2) Hot screenshots section has been activated.
3) Home page is now composed of Hot screenshots.
4) Corrected bug where upload page would not show error or success messages.

7th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.6 (Alpha)

1) You can now drag and drop your images to upload.
2) Fixed bug when error message would make submit button disappear in editProfile and Upload views.
3) Redesigned Home page. Now shows the 8 latest uploaded screenshots.

6th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.5 (Alpha)

1) Fixed Error 500 you would get when going on reset password page.
2) Adapted index scrolling pages to screen sizes up to 5K.

5th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.4 (Alpha)

1) Reworked About page. Now looks much better.
2) Fixed bug where Referral ID would not appear when clicking on button in "ME" page.

4th June 2017: Changelog 0.1.3 (Alpha)

1) Fixed bug where on certain screen sizes the submit button for upload would not appear.
2) Added Game Tag Field to upload page.
3) Game Name Tag now appears next to Art if specified.

3rd June 2017: Changelog 0.1.2 (Alpha)

Added features:

1) Added Pro Membership. Removes all Ads from GamingHub.
2) Added Steam to edit options of profile.
3) Refer 3 people to GamingHub and get a Free Pro Membership until 2018.
Give them your Referall ID and tell them to copy paste it in when they signup in the appropriate field.

2nd June 2017: Changelog 0.1.1 (Alpha)

Added features:

1) You can now click on an image to see it in a bigger size with a black overlay.
2) Added tooltip to tell user he can click to zoom.
3) You can now click on a username to be taken to that user's profile.
4) You can now edit your profile: profile picture, twitter page, facebook page/profile.
5) You can edit your profile once a week.

1st June 2017: Changelog 0.1.0 (Alpha)

Changed focus of GamingHub:

1) Fun, Funny, Pixel Art and Art sections were removed.
2) Screenshots and Drawings are the new sections of GamingHub.
3) GamingHub now solely focuses on Gaming Art !
4) Username of Artist is now displayed next his to Art.

30th May 2017: Changelog 0.0.2 (Alpha)

Fixed a few bugs:

1) GamingHub should now display fine on MS Edge on Desktops.
2) Mobile menu is now centered.
3) Fixed thumbnail bug when sharing.

28th May 2017: Changelog 0.0.1 (Alpha)

Made a few changes after suggestions from users:

1) Modified the "Hot","New","Top" buttons' opacity to better reflect what option is currently selected !
2) Added comments section using Disqus !
3) Corrected Sign Up Bug certain users were having !
4) Added possibility to click on image to make it larger !

24th May 2017: Started Getting Feedback (Alpha)

I released GamingHub in Alpha and received amazing feedback and support !
I keep coding :D


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